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Q WasteWater FAQs

Is the system quiet?

Yes. The air blower runs at only 37 dba, a conversation between two people in a quiet room rates at 60 dBa.

Does the system smell?

No. In the first two weeks of operation there may be a slight odour as the bacteria are growing but this is quite rare.

Does it use much power?

No, the system uses only 48c per day of electricity for above ground sprinkler irrigation and can be connected to the same invertor that powers appliances in a house that is Solar powered.

Does a large hole have to be dug?

The size of the system is 2 x 1998mm dia and 2038mm H the size of the hole is made approx. 500mm bigger than those sizes.

Why do I need to have sand available onsite to install the system?

When the system is installed the land fill that generally comes out has rocks in it that may damage the tank. A tank is compacted into the ground upon installation so as it will not come out of the ground.

What is the average cost of a system fully installed?

It is between $10,000 to $14,000 this may change due to the installation costs, your fully licensed plumber will explain this.

How does subsurface irrigation work?

The submersible pump has a float switch on it and when it is triggered it pressurizes the line to the irrigation field. Each dripper hole has a pressure compensating emitter behind it and when it reaches the correct pressure will open up and release the water. This way the irrigation field can be on a slope or in different configurations.

What can I irrigate with the water?

Lawns and flower gardens. You canít water fruit and vegetables as there may be traces of pathogens and bacteria left in water but you can water around fruit trees.

Can the irrigation field be split?

Yes by way of a rotor, these can go up to 6 different fields. How they work is a valve is operated when the pump is activated and they water one field at a time. Good for if there is not enough land space for the irrigation field on one lawn or garden.

Do I have to be careful what household chemicals that I use?

Yes because it is a living biological system harmful chemicals such as chlorine or fats and greases can harm the system. Phosphate free detergents are highly recommended.

Does it need to be serviced and if so by whom?

Yes being an aerated system it requires by law 4 services per year. The plumber who installed the system will be responsible to enter into an agreement with the client and the local Council to service the system.

How many bedroom house can the system handle?

Generally the Council allows 2 people per bedroom, so a 4 bedroom house is 8 people 4x2=8. Generally a house that is bigger than 5 bedrooms is considered a commercial application.

Can I put this system into an environmentally sensitive area?

Q Wastewater has a treatment solution for you no matter what the conditions. Each Council has different regulations and will request different systems. There are set backs from property boundaries and rivers and bodies of waters and have to be checked with Council. The Geotechnical report should cover these issues.

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