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About Wastewater

Wastewater is both Grey water (kitchen sink, shower, bath, all basins and the laundry) and Black water (toilets). Wastewater treatment is the removal of contaminants so that the water can be re-used by way of an irrigation field or evaporation trenches. Water is one of the most valuable resources on the planet and water conservation because of Australia’s dry climate has fast become a way of life.

Local Government do not have the necessary funds for centralised treatment plants to sewer areas in rural locations.

Q Wastewater have a range of systems that cover from Septic tanks to Standard systems to a Advanced Secondary systems that cover any Council requirements.

The process of cleaning the wastewater to a degree that it can be re-used is a tricky one and requires the use of aeration and anaerobic processes making a system a living biological laboratory. Water can be re-used on or under flower gardens and lawns providing nutrients that keep them healthy and green even in the harshest of droughts.

Subsurface irrigation is by way of pressure compensating emitters that release the treated water by drippers at the same time when the correct pressure is obtained. This way slopes can be irrigated as the dispersal pump only needs to be on while the line is being pressurised rather than on all the time, saving electricity.

Sprinklers are a cheaper alternative to subsurface but not all Councils approve the use of above ground sprinkler systems.

When a wastewater treatment system is needed Council approval and a Geotechnical land assessment report is required by the home owner. A Geotechnical report will determine the soil type for the irrigation size. It will also assess setbacks on the property and will take into account the size of the house and if the property is in an environmentally-sensitive or water catchment area. Q WasteWater will be able to provide to right system for your needs based on the Geotechnical report. Q WasteWater can help you with obtaining these reports. Q WasteWater has a system for all of your needs.

Q WasteWater is part of the highly successful Q Solutions Co group of companies. With a strong focus on customer service and with a reputation second to none in the industry, Q Industries quickly identified that a wastewater division was needed due to the amount of clients and distributors continuously requesting products. Both rain water tanks and Wastewater treatment systems are about protecting our most valuable resource, water so it was a natural progression.

Q WasteWater sells Secondary and Advanced Secondary wastewater treatment systems sourced from the most reliable manufacturers supplying leading technology direct to the public and through a large distributor network, allowing you to buy economically and with peace of mind knowing that you are purchasing a system that not only helps the environment but adds value to your property.

We strive to provide outstanding service, making your Wastewater treatment system purchase as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Q WasteWater welcomes trade enquiries - contact us to find out how we can service your business.

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